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Pumptron Double Suction Horizontal Axially Split-Case pump is designed to reduce cost and Increase productivity.

Using state of the art technologies including wind and solar to attain high efficiency and low vibration thus reducing operation and maintenance costs with minimal environment impact.

Our dynamically balanced double suction impeller is designed to optimize hydraulic performance to minimize axial forces.

Pumptron double volute casing is designed to reduce radial forces resulting in lower bearing loads for smooth operation and longer service life. The case is easily disassembled and adjustments can be made without disturbing suction and discharge piping.

Our pumps are fitted with replicable shaft sleeves to protect the shaft from pump medium. Shaft is available in various materials and alloys.

Our standard international warranty is 2 years

Pumptron Industries is actively monitoring the evolving situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working closely with our community, local and global public health authorities to make timely, safe and compassionate decisions.